23 Apr 2021

Embracing Diversity, the IS Leadership Club & Contribution Club

As part of the Diversity Week celebration the IS Leadership & Contribution Club organised and took part in various activities. The club held informal debate and discussion sessions around the topic of ‘Embracing Diversity: Combatting Race, Gender & Sexaulities Discrimination & Related Intolerance’. As well as looking at case studies about different races, cultures and ethnicities, students Hannah Lam (09R), Alexis Lai (08D) and Stella Chen (08D) also hosted a mini arts design competition within the club to produce a collage banner that represents their support to the LGBTQ+ community.

Sean Lee (11N), club leader said, “It’s truly delightful to see students of the club opening up communication, and empowering each other to take action in the community and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. These activities bring everyone together, behind a common goal – a world that embraces diversity.”

Mr Darren Siu, Head of Interhouse & Activities and club adviser suggested, “An individual athlete can make an impact, but a diverse and united team, will always be more powerful and ultimately more successful.”

Mr Nicholas Lee, Vice Principal of Island School commented, “Island School is a place where diversity, equity and inclusion can be felt in the very fabric of the school. However, we recognise the role that our student leaders play in driving this important agenda forward. Going into 2021-2022 our focus will be on building on the authenticity of our interactions with D, E and I topics and events, we will look to increase the role that staff and students play in advocating on key issues. Student leaders will continue to have a critical role in bringing this work together.”

Article by Joseph Lau (11D), Media Team