31 Jan 2024

Elements WW2 Historians Field Trips

The Elements WW2 Historians participated in three off campus field trips to support their learning this term. The students planned a trip to Central acting as tour guides and explained each location- Flagstaff House, the HSBC Lions, City Hall Memorial and the Cenotaph.

The second trip was a hike along the Wong Nai Chung historical trail, which gave students an understanding of key defence points and terrain faced by soldiers as well as some relics including pillboxes and periscopes.

Finally, the group visited the Hong Kong Coastal Defence Museum and they were able to visit various indoor and outdoor exhibits and relics which brought their classroom learning to life. These young historians have worked to develop their critical thinking skills by looking at various primary and secondary sources across the semesters. The elements curriculum has given students the opportunities to go beyond the classroom and truly gain a better understanding of the impact of significant historical events in Hong Kong.