14 Aug 2019

“Keeping His Cool”, Eito’s interview on SCMP Young Post

Eito Ishizuka (13N), a U18 Ice Hockey player representing the Hong Kong team, shared with SCMP Young Post his world championship experience.

In the interview, Eito admits the late-night trainings have been rough for him, but he is willing to press on for his love for the sport. “If you love the sport enough, you’ll do what you need to do,” said Eito. He also shares that the sport shapes him to become a more expressive player than he used to be since playing Ice Hockey.

As he starts Year 13 this year, Eito will make sure that he has enough rest to get recharge and good balance between school work and training. The young player has set his sights on making the senior team, with the hope of competing at the senior world championship in five year’s time.

Read the interview in full here.