6 May 2021

Dress Blue for Orbis

Organised by the Island School Medics Club, a group of Year 12 students initiated the idea to raise funds for Orbis, on the 3rd May, 2021.

Students and staff wore blue to both Tai Wai and Sha Tin Wai campus on the event day, raising over HKD$10,000 for the charity.

“On behalf of ORBIS and the Medics Club, a very big thank you to everyone who contributed to this very worthy cause.’, said Ms Eva Lee, lead teacher of the event.

About the charities:

ORBIS, a charity which has led the global prevention and control of blindness for nearly 40 years. They are an international non-profit organization that trains, teaches and inspires local eye medical teams in areas with severe eye diseases, so that they can protect and protect the eye health of local residents.