27 Mar 2020

Distance Learning Agreement at Island School

Dear Parents,

The Distance Learning Agreement for Island School was immediately put into action when classes were suspended after Chinese New Year. The document which had its origins in the November class suspensions due to the Hong Kong protests, underwent a review cycle in December/January when feedback was taken from staff, the PTA and our student advisors, concerning the effectiveness of the agreement in meeting the needs of the students in maintaining high quality teaching and learning during class suspensions.

We’ve made enhancements – primarily in the areas of monitoring of student wellbeing and engagement in the lessons – through discussions with the senior and middle leaders of the school. These were then presented to the student advisors and the members of the PTA that attended the second round of consultations in early March.

Feedback from the last round of consultations suggests that the agreement is meeting the needs of all stakeholders with parents and students providing very positive feedback on student engagement with lessons, and high levels of adherence to the policy.

The document below is not the finished product as we will continue to consult our stakeholders and modify it as practice continues to evolve at Island School. Please do take a look at it, however.

Island School Distance Learning Agreement 

In order to provide you with further opportunity to comment on our approach to online learning here at Island School, I ask you all to complete the survey attached below. Your feedback is invaluable to us, certainly as a way of ensuring continued high standards of teaching and learning but it also serves as a great encouragement to our staff to hear how well their commitment and dedication to the online process has been received.

Parent Survey link

Thank you very much,

Gayle Marshall
Vice Principal