28 Nov 2019

Diligent Debaters Prevail in the ESF Debate Competition

From the inclusion of e-sports in the Olympics to mass tourism and politicians’ freedom of choice, the ESF Debate Competition saw six Island School representatives competing at the ESF Centre on Tuesday 26th November 2019.

The ESF Debate Competition is an annual event that brings together top debaters from ESF Secondary Schools all across Hong Kong, where these driven delegates put their skills to the test in several rounds of fierce debate.

After three intense, heated rounds, the Island School team did themselves proud and won a total of two of their debates. Charlie Lam, who was praised for her impassioned speaking and precise articulation of the opposition’s points, individually ranked an honourable third place out of a total of over 40 contestants.

Mr Darryl Hood, the teacher supervisor on the day, commented, “Congratulations on a fantastic performance in the debating competition, you should all be very proud.”

The students who were part of the Island School team were Aditya Ramkumar (10N), Angela Chen (10D), Aoi Sakamoto (10N), Charlie Lam (10E), Edison Ho (12E) and Fiorelli Wong (10R).

Article by Angela Chen, Media Team

Photos by Mr Hood and Charlie Lam