20 Oct 2017

Decant Update 20 October 2017

Community Liaison Officer

This week a new community liaison officer Iris Chan has joined the school. Her role is to look at how Island School can integrate with the local communities in Sha Tin, she is hoping to utilise the locations of the two schools and the opportunities that they present for community work. This will involve setting up and helping to run community projects such as classes for older people, English groups, gardening schemes and sports competitions.

Student Updates

The student transition team have been busy working on collecting feedback and addressing the concerns of students. Their first project was looking at how we might give the students more information about the school resulting in the new information area at the entrance of the school. Last week we held an assembly updating students on the progress so far and how they might voice any concerns.

Students have also been working in their tutor groups to decide on names for the two campuses. After consultation with the wider student body some serious and not quite so serious names were suggested. These were put to a vote and last week the School Council agreed that the Years 7, 8, 12 & 13 site will become be known as Island School Sha Tin Wai (ISST) and the Year 9 – 11 site will be known as Island School Tai Wai (ISTW).