10 Dec 2021

Students Debate Global Issues in Public Speaking Skills Showcase

From the impacts of world hunger and the future rise of the metaverse, students in Island School’s Debate and Public Speaking Team discussed global issues in the inaugural “Public Speaking Skills Showcase” on Monday, 6th December 2021.

The first term of the 2021-22 academic year has been incredibly fruitful for the club. Students explored how to structure, deliver and organize World School’s debate speeches, before practising their skills in a more public speaking context. Through rotational activities, students examined different features of effective speaking through developing their own voice and techniques to make an impact in their speeches.

To exhibit all the skills students have developed in Term 1, the club organized a “Public Speaking Skills Showcase” where students researched, developed and presented a speech on a topic of their choice. This World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship (WIDPSC) styled speech activity provided aspiring public speakers to nurture their skills to the next level. They were then provided detailed feedback by the leaders of the activity.

The topic students discussed included:

  • The increase of poverty globally
  • Food insecurity
  • Advertising and influence on consumers
  • The impacts of palm oil
  • Sustainable transportation

Debate & Public Speaking Club is held every Monday after school by Mr Darryl Hood, Charlie Lam (12E) and Sam Hui (12W). Face-to-face sessions are scheduled for resumption at the start of Term 2, where students will investigate the British Parliamentary Debate structure and interpretive speaking. Year 7-12 students who are interested in joining the club can sign up on the Gateway next term.