6 May 2021

Debate Club: Tackling Global Warming – We Can All Be The Change

Debate Club students teamed up with WANBO to discuss the issue of climate change on 26th April 2021.

Led by Grace Zheng (12F), Sam Hui (11W) and Charlie Lam (11E), the team ran a motion on “THBT environmentalist groups should fully abandon advocating for the mitigation of climate change, in favour of campaigning for adaptation efforts instead” to advocate the problems of the ongoing climate crisis.

“In recent years, humanity’s efforts in combating climate change have become more prevalent and the tides are already turning. This activity brings students under a common goal: to stand in solidarity to combat this ongoing global crisis.” said Sam.

Mr Ross Burrough, WANBO director said, “The solutions [for tackling climate change] put forward are the exciting part for us to move forward, and when we put our creative minds together, all the new technologies can be empowered to make significant changes. ”

Debate Club is held weekly every Monday.

The WANBO team is looking to recruit new volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Mr Ross Burrough (ross.burrough@online.island.edu.hk). Space on the teams are limited, so early sign up is advised.

For more regular updates and announcements on the project, as well as opportunities for students to get involved in WANBO’s initiatives, please follow their Instagram page @iswanbo.