3 Apr 2018

Debate and Peaceful Resolutions – Students Tackle Problems at HKMUN

At the prestigious Hong Kong Model United Nations, 21 Island School students debated issues ranging from the drug trade, to China’s jurisdiction over Hong Kong, from the 24-26 March 2018.

Priscilla Lee one of the competing team members said, “The HKMUN is the most competitive and challenging MUN in Hong Kong. Teams represent different countries and their stance on global issues, aiming to tackle problems through debate and peaceful resolutions.”

Bakhita Fung (12R) was one of the main organizers of the event this year, acting as the President of the General Assembly and the Chair of the Security Council. She said, “I think it went well. The Island delegation did very well this year, especially the newer members. It is definitely a challenge to stand up against other students, who may have more experience, knowledge, and confidence, so I’m proud that everyone spoke up, and debated to the best of their abilities.”

Special thanks goes to Mr Budd and Ms McPhee, as well as Mr Turnbull, who gave up his time to supervise the team

By the  Media Team