13 Jun 2016

Dark and Comic Performances at the Middle School Festival of Drama

At the Middle School Festival of Drama, featuring work from Years 9-11, students performed dark and comic moments in a trio of acts 9 June 2016.IMG_5188

Drama Teacher Sophie Welsh reports
We opened with a dark Brechtian piece called ‘Man Vs Man’ – where the current GCSE cohort (Year 11) showed everyone what they were capable of with impeccable timing and precise characterisation.  Then the Year 9 showcased their devised work, a piece of social theatre that was impressive from the youngest group.  The final show of the evening was a performance of Splendid Theatre’” script of ‘Dr Faustus’ – of course selling your soul to the Devil is a good idea (in the short term).  With superb, comic moments, led by Lucifer himself they entrained the audience.  Many thanks go to Drama Teachers Ms Jess De Borja and Ms Vittachi for a wonderful evening and a fabulous way to end the year.