19 Sep 2017

Quiz and Curry Night, 2017

At the Quiz and Curry Night, 14 Sep 2017, 16 teams showed their true colours as they answered questions on pigments and paints! All 7 rounds of this year’s quiz were colour themed i.e. Colours of Hong Kong, Pantone Perfect and the Colour of Music.  Teams of students, parents and teachers came together in their Houses to have their trivia knowledge tested by host Vice Principal Jenny Hodson. All the quizzers tucked into curry made by the students from Elements courses Lord’s Kitchen and A Food Lover’s Guide to Culture.

It was a close contest with many teams scoring the same number of points but this year’s winning team were Quizzly Bears from Rutherford House.

Quiz Master Jenny Hodson said, “It was great to see so many families supporting this event. Everyone had so much fun and there was a great atmosphere. It’s a little sad to think that this will be our last Community Quiz on this site for some years to come. We sincerely hope that there will be continued support for these events when we move to our new campuses.”

Curry with all the accompaniments

Wilberforce Team


Photos by Elena Lee, Media Team.