26 Feb 2018

“Creativi-tree” Wins Award at Public Speaking Contest

Student Gloria Leung has been awarded first runner-up in the HKFYG Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest on the, 24 Feb 2018.

She was one of five students from Years 10 – 13 who reached the Grand Finals, after going through the preliminary, revival and semi-final rounds. Out of all five contestants, she also won the audience favorite award – a live vote by members of the audience. Over 970 students participated in the Senior Division of the competition, one of the largest public speaking competitions in Hong Kong.

The topic of the Senior Division was related to Elon Musk’s recent developments and creativity skills. Gloria spoke passionately about her “creativi-tree” and answered impromptu questions from judges. A key point in her speech was to not be afraid of failure. “Failure should be an option… we trees should not stunt our own growth by letting fear get to us,” she added.

Other contestants came from Raimondi College, La Salle College, St Mary’s Canossian College and Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College. Gloria will go on to represent Hong Kong in China Daily’s National Competition in China in late March. Gloria said, “It’s been [the competition] an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Previous Island School students who have been finalists are Brian Wong, Class of 2015, Chun Yu Yiu, Class of 2016, Olivia Bray 13W and Bakhita Fung 12R. Gloria continues the tradition of Island School’s participation and success in this prestigious competition.

By: Bakhita Fung, Media Team