18 May 2016

Wilberforce Team One’s Crazee Cupcakes Wins Tech Day Two

It was a double win for the cupcake bakers at Island School with Wilberforce Team One being named the winners of Tech Day Two on 17 May 2016.

Tech Day challenges House teams, of 15 students, to make a food product, develop appropriate packaging and create a uniform to be worn by promotional staff, all the end products should be point of sale/market ready. Wilberforce Team One were given the Crazɘe Cupcake brief, as was the Da Vinci Team One who won the first Tech Day on 10th May 2016.

Teams nominate a project manager and then they organise themselves into sub–groups of: food, design, technology and textiles. With groups stationed in different rooms doing different things they use social media to communicate.

Wilberforce Team One designed cupcakes that would appeal to teenage boys and teenage girls, with flashing lights around their display unit and a uniform including a two-tone skirt, printed t-shirts and embroidered sequins

All the teams were judged by: Vice Principals Jenny Hobson and Gareth Stevens, cupcake company ‘Complete Deelite’ Founder-Director Jacinta Yu, before the teams review and score each others work.

At the prize giving at the end of the day Jacinta said: “I wish I had opportunities like this when I was at school, you have considered today all the things that I consider in my working week and if you enjoy today you should consider using these skills in your future.”