10 May 2019

Cracking CAS – People and Projects

As the Year 12 students hit the midway point in their CAS* projects we highlight some of their achievements to date.

Priscilla Lee sings with Acapella Group the ‘D Sharps’ a group of students who enjoy singing. They have performed on numerous occasions throughout the year including at Island School’s singing show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’.

This year, she joined the HKMUN Executive Board, a group of 5 students from different schools who organize and run KHMUN the largest secondary school MUN conference. She acts as designer for the group: creating logos, banners, websites and merchandise, as well as dealing with any logistical issues that pop up.

She recently learnt to play the erhu a 2 stringed Chinese instrument. Having completed the Grade 1 exam she was subsequently entered into numerous competition and is soon to take her Grade 4 exam.


Her other projects include: dance, Island School MUN leader, media team leader, Year 7 Battle of the Books trainer and Year 7 Maths Helper

Aryan Bellani was a member of the Anaia (fashion show) media team, working as a photographer and videographer. With his team he was responsible for organizing photo shoots with models, creating social media posts and ensuring the Anaia theme / brand was consistent.

As a Code Club helper he gives Year 7 & 8 students a general introduction to computer programming. By working on projects together he hopes to encourage younger students to pursue coding and programming in the future.

He also practices martial arts, with a focus on May Thai. He has worked with coaches and peers to improve his skills through a combination of sparring, technique correction and general practice.

Plus as a part of the Media Team Aryan has been official photographer at many school events.

CAS is a requirement of the IB diploma, which students start at the beginning of Year 12. Over four terms they commit to Creative, Activity and Service projects.