3 Oct 2019

Learning to Lead With Community English

Now in its second year ‘Community English’ brings Ng Yuk Secondary School (NYSS) and Island School students together, each week, for games, fun and language learning. As the sessions grow in popularity students have taken on leadership roles.

Community English has grown in popularity and members now hold leadership positions, meeting numerous times to ensure a successful launch and dealing with issues as they arise.

Eugene Law (11E) when asked about why he joined Community English said, “The smiles and the laughs are the reason I put myself up for it for another year without hesitation – it’s also a great leadership opportunity and I am forging relationships which I wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to do!”

Sessions usually include a range of activities from scavenger hunts to questionnaires, board games or just basic conversations. Each activity takes a new approach to learning, helping students apply their English to real life conversational situations.

Ms. Teri Eves, Lead Teacher of English said: “If you walk past a room where a session is running you hear laughter which is the most enjoyable part for me. I think both sets of students enjoy getting to know each other and find common ground. Then it’s the similarities that are reinforced, rather than any differences.”

Written by Noor Rizvi, Media Team
Photographs by Yanisha Chung, Media Team