22 May 2023

Chinese Online Reading Award 2023

The “Online Graded Reading World Commendation Ceremony” has returned this year, and was held in 麗澤中學 (a HK local school ) on 13th May 2023. The following students from Year 7 have been awarded for their dedication to Chinese online reading.

Online Graded Reading World is a Chinese reading program developed by the ‘Commercial Press HK Ltd’. Island School’s Chinese department subscribes to the reading program, inviting the near native speaking classes from Years 7 and 8 to join.

The reading program requires students to read a passage on a daily basis and answer related questions. If they get the questions right they will be upgraded to a more challenging passage.

The awards for this year are:

The most outstanding students on campus

1st place, Donna Cheung 7DG
2nd place, Chelsie Lee 7FG
3rd place, Howard Xu 7DT

The school’s best students

1st place, Chelsie Lee 7FG
2nd place, Ellie Lin 7DT
3rd place, Howard Xu 7DT

Chelsie Lee 7FG & Ellie Lin 7DT at the Award Ceremony on 13th May 2023