17 Feb 2023

Career Event for Years 9-11

On Friday 10th Feb, Island School hosted a careers event for students in Years 9-11. Alumni from various industries from banking to pharmaceuticals came to talk to students about their path after leaving school and what they enjoy about their current role.

Alumni speakers included Jonathan Hui (1996), Michael Lok (2006), Siegfried Wai (2011), Avinash Sujanai (2016), Sebastian Page (2007), Sebastian Lau (2017), Vivienne Lam (2017), Jacob Cheung (2007), Kimberly Carder (2008) and Cynthia Cheung (2008).

They came to share their personal stories from Island School times and beyond and most importantly, inspire Islanders. Speakers said, “To be brave, pursue your dreams, and not be afraid of making mistakes.”
“Be curious, be open to change and ask questions.” “Life isn’t a ladder – it will throw you into challenges, so be open-minded and less fixated on plans.”

HE Student Ambassadors took notes of these comments and later shared: “It was a fruitful afternoon of connecting with amazing professionals and learning about potential lives beyond Island School.”