22 Feb 2023

Connecting Careers

Hot on heals of the Year 9-11 career event this month was the Year 12-13 Higher Education afternoon. Year 13 students explained what they learnt and the benefits of meeting the alumni speakers.

“The Career Event was a huge success! Participants had the privilege of meeting and learning from erudite speakers. I was fortunate enough to provide assistance during Mr Howard Chan’s session, Managing Director at an employment agency, where he bestowed valuable insights into interview skills and techniques. One pivotal aspect he emphasized was the 7 Observables, which underlined the significance of first impressions. He explained how dress, posture, facial warmth, gesture, movement, vocal tone, and language could have a considerable impact on others, particularly during interviews. Moreover, he introduced the 4 Archetypes, consisting of the Motivator who shares positive energy, the Counsellor who seeks feedback, the Sergeant who exhibits firm beliefs and values, and the Professor who shares ideas. Overall, the session was incredibly informative and captivating, providing all attendees with practical takeaways. I am immensely grateful for the chance to learn from such a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker,” Sam Hui, Year 13 student.

“As a corporate lawyer, Greg Knowles has shared his tips on how to deal with pressure in a competitive workplace, and interview advice, supplemented by his stories of managing acquisition over 34 years. There was also a fruitful discussion around contemporary issues: AI, globalisation, The Great Resignation, diversity etc., and how these build momentum and drive innovation in the legal industry. Students left with a greater understanding of the adaptability and potential of law and the future”. Sean Lee, Year 13 student.