20 May 2021

Kids4Kids Club: Buddy Up for Reading!

Students in the Kids4Kids club launched the the Buddy Reading Program to help students from N.T.W.J.W.A Leung Sing Tak Primary School improving their English literacy.

Led by Megan Wong (13F), Sam Hui (11W), Charlie Lam (11E) and Hailey Lau (10N), students teamed up with NGO Kids4Kids to provide regular sessions for the primary students in the past 3 months, fostering their love of reading. Through interactive reading sessions, arts and crafts activities, participants not only can improve their English language ability and creativity, but also to develop their social and interpersonal skills, as well as confidence to use English in daily lives.

“It was a very memorable and meaningful experience for everyone – we really enjoyed meeting all the students as they were very enthusiastic and fully engaged in our activities. This was a fantastic learning opportunity for us as it enhanced our social skills and broadened our horizons by communicating with people from different backgrounds.” said Sam Hui (11W), one of the leaders.

Sophie Luk (10N) said, “Through volunteering, I learnt how to effectively collaborate with my teammates and communicate with those of younger ages, as well as to think on my feet when things don’t go as planned.”

Mr Ross Burrough, Senior Head of House, commented, “One of the key areas at Island School is giving back to the society. The Kids4kids programme offers an authentic opportunity for our students to do this, in which they can bring all the transferable skills they have learnt into later life.”

Kids4Kids club is held weekly every Wednesday. Year 9-12 students who are interested in joining the club can sign up on the Gateway next term.