29 Apr 2022

Book Week 2022 Events

From a treasure hunt to the favourite dress-up day, our annual highlight in the school calendar – Book Week 2022, from 3 – 6 May, returns stronger than ever this year! The English Committee has invited more than 80 students across six year groups to organise the literary fest with competitions, conversations and costumes, a total of 9 interdisciplinary events that will take place during the week. So get ready for the excitement and exhilaration!

Corridor of Literature

Sick of the mundane hallways of our school building? Lucky for you, it won’t be the same on Friday during Book Week. Most rooms in the lobby will be transformed into representations of different genres–fantasy, action, horror–you name it! Meanwhile, the corridor itself will feature stalls and games from your favourite classic Children’s Fables. What better time to start your fervent reading journey than on Book Week? See you there!

Guest Authors

As inspiration for your literary journey, we have invited two renowned authors – Mr Nury Vittachi and Ms Hannah Bent to give their personal insight on this topic. Mr Vittachi is an impassioned journalist and author based in Hong Kong, with a debut novel called Feng Shui Detective. Ms Bent is the author of When Things are Alive They Hum, a heartfelt autobiography regarding two estranged sisters. Both of the talks will take place in an afterschool zoom call on Book Week (Wednesday & Thursday).

Door Decoration

Transform a plain blue door into a reincarnation of literature using your form’s collection creativity. The key here is to build something unique and artistic, so don’t cover the door with a black piece of paper and call it a day. But be warned–students will only have until the end of Book Week to recreate their respective doors–we all look forward to seeing them!

Reading Challenges and Surprises

Can you imagine what it feels like to be a kid who receives a remarkably rare golden ticket (like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)? Imagination not necessary, as Book Week shall provide. During Book Week, there will be a golden ticket hidden in one in five books per library–one which can be transferred into a special prize. But be quick, as they are limited! Moreover, there will be specialised corners in the library where students can listen and read books falling under specific genres. See you at the library!

Literary Treasure Hunt

Reading is essentially a hunt for knowledge. In Book Week, we shall do this…literally. QR codes will be set up across the school in hidden areas, and students can scan them to receive a question or challenge and a recording of a teacher reading an excerpt from a book. The content of one QR code will secretly contain the location of another. To win and get the prize, students must correctly answer the question in a text and identify the teacher and book of the recording. So get your tools ready for this will be a hunt for knowledge.

Inter-School Battle of the Books

Please note that the photo was taken in 2019. 

On Friday, 6 May, students across Year 7-8 will be selected by our Year 12 Leaders to participate in a Hong Kong wide Battle of the Books competition. This is an exemplary opportunity for students to demonstrate Island School’s excellence, and make sure to support the IS team – we are going to win!

In-Class Activities

Books Unwrapped – 30 April 2022

Island School students will be representing the school in the online reading group, Books Unwrapped for the third time on 30 April, 2022, to kick off our annual week of excitement.

As an international youth discussion group, students meet every two months to discuss an agreed text. During the meeting this time hosted by the British School of Muscat, they will discuss The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Home Challenges

At the baking challenge – you will attempt to create the most mouth-watering, delectable, and unique book-themed baking products. Make anything–cookies, cakes, bread–you name it! For the aspiring writers out there, we challenge you to write a story (preferably under 1000 words). Teachers will provide feedback for your work, and the winners will be featured on the renowned Island School student news platform– Island Currents. Another home activity for students is to write book reviews on their favourite books, which may be chosen by English teachers and put on the Monthly Recommended Reads list. So what are you waiting for? Get baking and writing and submit them by 6 May 13:20! More details on the ISLE Banners.

Literary Character Day and Extravaganza

On Friday 6 May, students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite literary characters according to House themes, when they will receive prizes based on style and uniqueness. Moreover, you may be interviewed if your costume is truly intriguing! We look forward to seeing your costumes!

Da Vinci – Sic-Fi & Fantasy

Einstein – Thriller, Gothic & Horror

Fleming – Classic Literary & Historical Fictions 

Nansen – Myths & Legends

Rutherford – Comics (e.g. Marvels)

Wilberforce – Anime & Manga

Please note that due to pandemic protocols and new Thrive arrangements, some planned Book Week events will be postponed until further notice (TW vs STW Championship, Journey of Books Feud, Inter-house Battle of the Books, Blind Book Sales & Giveaway, Friday Arts & Parade, James Bond X William Shakespeare: The Ultimatum Game), but it won’t diminish the essence of this year’s Book Week and its core purpose. It is a week of surprises and twists, so you never know what will happen!


Book Week Celebrations 2022 is organised by the English Committee, make sure to sign up here to help if you’re interested!

Feel free to contact the people below for more information:

Sha Tin Wai Chairs: Sean Lee (12N) (sean.lee@online.island.edu.hk) and Joseph Lau (12D) (joseph.lau@online.island.edu.hk)

Tai Wai Vice Chairs: Katrina Hon (10R) (katrina.hon@online.island.edu.hk), Hannah Lam (10R) (onkei.lam@online.island.edu.hk), Alex Sallustro (11F) (alex.sallustro@online.island.edu.hk), Jack Berry (11F) (jack.berry@online.island.edu.hk)

Phase Ambassadors: Matilda Clews (7N) (matilda.clews@online.island.edu.hk), Jayden Yuen (8R) (jayden.yuen@online.island.edu.hk), Andy Chan (10E) (andy.chan@online.island.edu.hk), Cyrus Ng (10F) (cyrus.ng@online.island.edu.hk), Alexander Bray (12W) (alexander.bray@online.island.edu.hk), Leyla Bauti (12D) (leyla.bauti@online.island.edu.hk)

Article by The English Committee