16 Oct 2019

Learning to Teach, the Baiwan Teaching Practice

To prepare for their upcoming trip to Baiwan during Quest Week later in November, Year 12 and 13 students held the first teaching practice on the 4th of October. Students from Chan Kai Memorial College visited the Tai Wai campus for interactive English and robotic sessions, prepared and taught by the Baiwan team 2019.

The senior students led 7 teaching groups. They planned, prepared resources for and delivered their lessons which ranged from Cultures, Geography, storytelling to programming robotics. Learning form this teaching practicum, students will start planning and design a different lesson for students from Ng Yuk Secondary School on Oct 18th before they head to Baiwan.

“Teaching other secondary school-aged children in Hong Kong was an incredibly informative experience for me. We communicate and understand each other better in the group, and gain some practical experience in working with kids from different backgrounds. The feedback I received was very helpful, and I’m sure that my teaching in Baiwan will be made better as a result” said Van An Trinh (13N) one of the 27 student teachers.

Katherine Chiu the Maths teacher who has been leading trips to Baiwan for over 20 years, remarked that the Baiwan students will certainly love the robotic lesson. “It is amazing to see the new ideas that keep emerging every year.”