16 Jan 2020

Baiwan Chinese New Year Week

As part of IS Charity Month, ISPTA and the Baiwan Student Committee are teaming up to bring some Chinese New Year treats to the students. We will be running a Chinese Food Stall on Thursday, January 23rd during long break and lunchtime on both campuses to raise money for Baiwan Charity.

We are asking for donations of Chinese New Year treats like Gin Dui 煎堆, Egg Pastry 蛋散, Sesame Balls笑口棗, Sachima 馬仔 and any other yummy treats. We also welcome cash donations which will go towards purchasing Siu Mai 燒賣 and Rice Rolls 腸粉.

Please fill in the donation/volunteer form. Donated items can be sent on the morning of January 23rd with your child. If donating cash/cheque, please send to ISPTA and indicate that it is for the Baiwan Food Stall.

ISPTA is also collecting Chinese New Year decorations for campus use. Please send the decorations on or before Monday, 20 Jan. Donated items can be left with the general office on either campus.

To learn more about Baiwan please visit https://island.edu.hk/baiwan