17 Sep 2021

Back to Borrett, teachers are looking forward to…

Head of Individuals and Societies, Maryanne McPhee, explains how teacher and student collaboration will change when we are B2B…

I think, for me, the most exciting thing about returning to Borrett Road is having all our students and teachers together in one space – coming together as a whole community. It will bring an amazing energy back into the school. We have done our best across two campuses and on and off line but being together will be so positive for everyone.

We will be able to work more closely with our colleagues and work with different groups of students with greater flexibility. In I&S lessons, the flexible and collaborative spaces will allow for our students to work more effectively on team projects such as their Explorations group project and give us the opportunity to bring in guest speakers to share their expertise with our students.

Senior student mentoring will change. For example the Social Justice Group has core leaders on both campuses. At Borrett Road the leaders will be able to see each other every day – giving them the opportunity to work together rather than working dependly in their own campuses. They can do bigger things with a bigger impact.

In addition Borrett Road will have more flexible and bigger learning spaces so large groups can come together. For our Model United Nations Club, larger spaces will provide us the opportunity to host our own inter-school conference – something our team has aspired to for many years.

People talk about the school’s mock U.S elections in the 1980-90s that created such a buzz around campus. I would love to help students create that same feeling at the new Borrett Road.