22 Oct 2021

Back to Borrett, Meet the people building the campus

This week, we talk to Peter Tsai, Assistant Contracts Manager and Effie Chan, Assistant Construction Manager of Build King, the project’s main contractor. They explain what it takes to complete ESF’s largest construction project on a highly complex slope in Mid-levels.

With the project entering its final stage, both Effie and Peter commented that the “topping out” of the main structure  was one of their most unforgettable moments so far. “It is quite magical to see a vast soil slope turning into the new structure. And I look forward to seeing the removal of the bamboo scaffolding in the first quarter of the next year, then the outlook of the new school can finally be revealed.”

“There have been lots of challenges along the way. We make every effort to minimise any potential noise and dust pollution on Borrett Road on a daily basis.”

“During Covid, we have had to respond quickly and overcome various material shortage and logistics disruption issues, in order to secure the delivery of the new school.”
“We have also found ways to keep the 500 construction workers’ on site motivated throughout this long construction period,” added Effie.

“It would be wonderful to have a fun day with all the stakeholders, enjoying those amazing facilities when the new school is built,” said Peter.

Peter (2nd row left five), Effie (2nd row right six) and the Build King team at the Gorundbreaking Ceremony, Oct 2019