6 Sep 2021

Back to Borrett, teachers are looking forward to…

This term, teachers and the construction project team are meeting to talk through the final details. Director of Sports and P.E, Marc Sexton talks about the amazing facilities students will be using at the new campus.

Following my meeting with the project team I can say with 100% certainty that the sports facilities and equipment at Borrett Road will be some of the best I have ever seen at any international school. I am  excited about what this means for the teaching of physical education and for the Typhoon sports teams. 

Every year we hold the sports awards which celebrates the “Most Improved” and the “Best and Fairest” in their chosen sport. The awards are not only a celebration of achievement but they help foster young athletes. Young athletes like 15 year old Cherry, Fleming, a passionate tennis player. For the past two years, quality tennis coaches have inspired the students to practice at home. The new tennis courts on the roof at Borrett Road will mean that Cherry and the team will be able to train everyday, even if it is only for 20 mins before or after school.  We can build talent in-house. 

With the sports facilities at Borrett Road we will excel in basketball, volleyball and swimming. Off the back of that we can develop good athletics teams because we will have the facilities. They can play, train and immerse themselves in their sport – they will have the opportunity to grow and improve. And we will also be able to develop a unique sporting programme within the school. 

We are taking away the barriers for people who want to achieve. The new Borrett Road will be like going from black and white to glorious technicolor!

There are lots of areas within the new campus for sports: 

  • Swimming pool 
  • Rooftop tennis courts 
  • Double size sports hall (big enough for two classes)
  • Astro turf pitch 
  • Fitness suite 
  • Playground 
  • Climbing wall

And there is a big long slope within the school for speed training. Plus the school’s long term P.E. teachers would never let me forget it if we didn’t do the Bowen Road runs to First Pagoda and Second Pagoda. We will still make the most of the school’s surroundings just as teachers did when the school was located in the old British Military Hospital in 1967.