7 Nov 2016

Award Winning Poet Meets IB students

Harvard creative writing fellow Sarah Howe treated IB English students to a reading from her, award winning, collection of poems on the 4 Nov.sh-photo1

Howe has recently completed a creative writing fellowship at Harvard and won the 2015 TS Elliott Prize (the most prestigious prize for UK poetry) for her collection ‘Loop of Jade’- an exploration of her Anglo-Chinese identity.

IB English student, Andrea Chin: “Hearing from Sarah Howe was an extremely humbling and inspiring experience. Not only was her poetry beautifully written but the way she recounted her past personal experiences in relation to the inspiration behind her poems, was elegant and poetic as well. One of the most memorable moments of the talk was when she read out her poem Crossing from Guangdong, where she read, “insect cars circling down those jungle bordered boulevards”. This quote was particularly memorable because I really admired the way she brought these images of my home to life.”