14 Oct 2022

Astrophysics Clubs Hosts Mini-lecture by HKUST Professor

On Monday the 10th of October, the AstroEngineering Club lead by Varun Suresh, Harsh Anand, and Siddhant Bohra hosted a mini-lecture session on Special Relativity, conducted by Dr. Yee Fai Ng and PhD Student WAN Chun Yu from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The event was very well organised by the Year 12 student leaders, resulting in members of the club learning a great deal more about Special and General Relativity, how the work of Einstein led to a better understanding of time dilation, and how this can create what is known as ‘the twins paradox’. It is hoped that similar visits can be organised later in the academic year.

The AstroEngineering Club was Co-founded by Varun, Harsh, and Siddhant this year; a place for students passionate in Physics to learn Astronomy and Engineering Concepts that aren’t taught at school. Sign-ups for students from Years 10 to 12 will be open in Term 2, do register if you are interested!