7 Nov 2017

Assistant Office Manager


To assist and support the Office Manager in managing the office operation at Shatin Wai campus and to ensure that all related resources are utilized effectively and efficiently according to ESF Governance.

Main Accountabilities:
To assist and support the Office Manager in maintaining the office operation at Shatin Wai campus which includes:
To act as the first point of contact in the General Office for all issues related to the office team, reprographic team and site management.
To monitor work flow of the office team at Shatin Campus with tasks and responsibilities designed and allocated by the Office Manager.
To coordinate and manage the office and reprographic resources allocated by the Office Manager.
To manage the TG Attendance System at Shatin Wai campus and to monitor student absences with the Octopus System on a daily basis, and to report issues to the Office Manager.
To work closely with the Octopus System support team as well as the TG service support team in maintaining daily system operation, and report system performance to the Office Manager on a regular basis.
To work closely with House Staff and Form Tutors on Attendance Management.
To manage communications between the office and the staff .
To monitor the reception desk operation and ensuring that it is always well managed.
To support school events as and when required.
To manage the office team at Shatin Wai campus during emergency events or drills and to communicate with other staff members according to the system and structure designed by the Office Manager.
To support the Admissions Manager with admissions admin duties.
To perform other duties and assumes accountabilities as apparent or as delegated.


This post reports to the Office Manager.

Minimum typical education: University degree, preferably in business administration or general management.
Minimum typical experience: 5 to 10 years relevant experience.
Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
Reliability; initiative and follow up.
Problem solving skills; flexibility to respond to changing situation.
Project management ability.
Good IT skills including word processing, database and spreadsheet skills.
Organizational ability
Inter-person communication skills
Ability to work under pressure; team working skills

Closing Date: 16 Nov 2017