13 Feb 2020

“As if school had not suspended at all”

During this challenging time that we are now facing, it’s comforting to know that everyone – teachers, students themselves, parents, school’s leadership and all staff – are doing their best to minimise the impact the school suspension will have on our children’s education. Much has occurred behind the scenes to make this possible. And in true Island Spirit, improvements continue to be made to e-learning and student support systems.  

Our school’s quick response and adjustments to deliver the curriculum using available online technologies in this unforeseen and unprecedented situation has been remarkable. Students have responded, by stepping up and embracing the e-learning environment.

As parents it is essential that we support our children and teachers as always, and stay up to date with communications sent by the school. 

We strongly encourage parents to provide feedback to the school and not hesitate to contact your Head of House, Form Tutor and/or subject teacher for any concern relating to your children’s learning.

Yours Sincerely,

ISPTA Committee