16 Mar 2020

American Culture Writing Contest 2020

Students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome to join the American Culture Writing Contest 2020.

Hosted by The U.S consulate General Hong Kong and Macau. This contest aimed to enhance cultural awareness, encourage cross-cultural understanding, and promote interest in English writing among Hong Kong and Macau students. All full-time Hong Kong and Macau secondary school (including international school) students are eligible to participate in the contest.


Years 7-9: Choose a word to describe the United States and explain why you chose that word. (100-150 words)

Years 10-12: Please pick a historical American figure and write a message for the people of Hong Kong and/or Macau in the historical American figure’s voice. (250-300 words)

Click here or visit the contest page for further guidelines and details. Students can also contact The U.S CG at 2841 2258, email at fungao@state.gov, or Sarina Yuen at 2841 2178, yuenkw@state.gov directly.