15 Jun 2018

All Hands on Deck for Tech Day

Year 8 students took on the Technology Day healthy restaurant challenge. In teams they created healthy dishes including, butternut squash and spinach lasagna, low sugar blueberry French toast and lean chicken burgers. To sell these tasty dishes, model restaurants were made, signs created and, waiting staff costumes produced.

Head of the Technology department Mark Roper said, “The standard of the students work gets higher and more impressive each year. Flashing restaurant signs are made, costumes are not only sewed together they are decorated with clever details. The food team also create new and impressive dishes.”

Technology Day is held twice in the week so smaller teams can work together and every students contribution counts. The winning team was Rutherford 2 from Technology Day one, Einstein 1 won Tech Day two.

Rutherford 2

Einstein 1

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