9 Feb 2018

Spirit Fund 2018 – Alice Tells Her Story

The Science department submitted a bid to the Spirit Fund last year for a range of equipment, Alice Zhang Year 12 tells us why she loves science and the difference a well-equipped lab has made.

“I have always been interested in science, in general, but it really started to bloom in Years 10-11 when I started doing GCSEs. We got to do lots of cool experiments, we had a hands on approach so it was really interesting observing how scientific methods work. I saw different theories in action, we didn’t just read about them in a text book. I like to try things out for myself, I like creating the things that I learn – it enhances my understanding of it. Science really is a special subject”

“We recently did this really really cool experiment in Biology – we dissected a heart! The heart, for me, was quite confusing – with many different valves and chambers – there are many different interpretations and diagrams. But during the dissection it all became much clearer and we could see the valves (they were really cool) and how the blood moved into the chambers. For me it was really a revelation!”

“We have done a lot of biology experiments, analyzing our results and presenting our findings. We explored the properties of the cell membrane, looking at the effect of temperature. Using beetroot we analyzed the bleed from cells with a colourimeter (it measures wave length) so we could get a quantitative result.”

“My love for science has definitely affected me in many ways. I want to create something that can help people – something new.  I watch You Tube science videos, I play biology Quiz Up and I watch TV shows related to technology. Science is not something I just do at school I want to learn more in everyday life. But having a high quality lab is important, I can link the concepts I learn in class with my experiments.”

“I have applied for a summer camp at the University of Pennsylvania. This summer I am going to be looking at the different practices used by the industry so I can familiarize myself with the technology I could be using in the future.”

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