5 Oct 2022

Ady Participates in the PolyU Junior Researcher Programme 2022

Ady Lam (13E) joined the PolyU, Junior Researcher Mentoring Programme, which invites senior secondary school students to participate in various research projects under the guidance of PolyU academics. Together they explore the diverse subjects within the university’s undergraduate curriculum.

Ady’s research project was titled “Effects of Zentangle Drawing on Neurophysiological States, Cognitive Performance and Mental Well-being in Adolescents and Adults”. She said, “Although the research was difficult, working with PolyU was meaningful and a valuable experience.”

Under the mentorship of PolyU’s experienced academics, Ady conducted research over four months. She developed research design and data collection strategies and analysis and reporting skills. She also visited PolyU’s many laboratories to deepen her understanding of research theories and the knowledge and skills required for research.