3 Mar 2020

Ace on the Tennis Court, Howard Chan Wins ATF Championship

Congratulations to Howard Chan (8R) for winning the Championship in the Boys’ Singles (Under 14), in the first week of the Asia Tennis Federation (ATF) Tournament in Sri Lanka. He also achieved runner-up in the Boys’ Doubles in the same tournament.

No stranger to the game, Howard has participated in various open tennis competitions in Hong Kong and overseas before. While his opponent was, too, not a newcomer to the match, Howard recalled how he prepared himself mentally, and eventually winning the Championship.

“The opponent that I played in the Championship match beat me in Hong Kong a few times, so I told myself not to be nervous and just play my own game and do my best. Once I did that, I started playing really well. I was really focusing on the game and not on my nerves. In the end, I won 6-2 6-2, winning the match by a landslide.”

Howard with the umpire

The ATF Tournament accepts young players who aged under 14 around Asia to participate in the competition each year. Howard will also be competing in the second week of the event and we wish him all the best!