14 Feb 2020

A message to Parents from our Island School Counsellor

Dear Parents,

We at Island School take your wellbeing extremely seriously, and so I have included some resources below which can support you during this disruptive period.

Advice for Parents
Not only do you have your wellbeing to think of but of course, that of your family too which can leave you feeling pulled in different directions. I have included some resources below to support you during this disruptive period.

To help focus, you can follow the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ – Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, and Take Notice.

Feeling close to and valued by other people is a fundamental human need. Therefore, it’s important to allow your child time to connect with their friends while they’re not in school – especially if those friends are in other classes, schools or sports teams. Make sure they have regular contact with those whom they share common interests with.

Be Active
Regular physical exercise has boundless benefits to our emotional wellbeing. The PE department is providing ways to be active, along with the weekly Thrive notice. Be creative, look into different ways to be active, either as a family or individual, or both.

Keep Learning
Try a new hobby, or develop your knowledge in something that interests you. Maybe look at a new interest or learning you can do as a family?

Think of others, especially ways to give to people who may be alone and isolated. Or you may have other ideas or ways to give.

Take notice
Be mindful of your environment. Think about reducing screen time and social media use and spend time together as a family away from technology.

Mental health charity Mind HK has some really useful resources which are well worth a read and Central Health clinic also has two documents I’d like to share. One is managing anxiety during health crises and the other is supporting children through health crises.

If you need to talk about your child’s emotional wellbeing in these challenging times, please send me an email or WhatsApp me on 9727 5978 with your name, your child’s name and Tutor Group and I will arrange a time to talk.

For all other things, please go through the normal school procedures.

Stay safe, happy and well.


Shirralee Sisson
Island School Counsellor