15 Mar 2017

Life of Pi

From Pi trivia quizzes to throwing pies students and teachers celebrated Pi Day, during their lunch break on the 14 March, 2017.

In celebration of all things Pi and Albert Einstein’s birthday all were invited to take up a series of challenges including: finding their way through a Pi maze, working out the fractions of the shaded areas of a circle and listing words including the letters pi in under a minute.  There was even a chance to pie a teacher!

Sotaro Ogawa 11R, who won the Pi Maze by completing it in 3.78 seconds said: “Pi day was very exciting for students like me who are Maths enthusiasts. It was a perfect blend between numbers and games.”

Students were also challenged to create Pi inspired artworks. Winner of the art competition Aaliyah Javed said: “In this watercolour painting I tried to reveal the idea of Maths being a language in it’s own formatted way. The drawing includes several forms of Pi that surround the girl who intellectually takes in the knowledge around her, this also conveys the relationship between humans and mathematics as interaction between both sides is expressed.”

The Winners of the Pi Day activities are as follows:
Pi Maze – Sotaro Ogawa for getting out of the Pi Maze in 3.78 seconds!!
Pi Vocab – Mia Mueller for coming up with 26 words containing “Pi” in a minute
Pi Art – Aaliyah Javed

by Alice Zhang, Media Team