19 Sep 2019

A Day of Development, Year 10 Art Workshop

Year 10 IGCSE Art students spent the 17 September in the studio developing their art skills. Before the workshop, students spent a few weeks researching and taking photos around the theme of ‘Natural Structures’ under the guidance of Art teachers Ms Eustace and Ms Tait. The day consisted of drawing practice and experimenting with different mediums and styles (so students could find one they are comfortable with). The students hoped to understand their art and themselves better – equipping them for their GCSE Art journey.

When asked about what she had learned over the course of the day, student Chelsea Air (10F) said, “We’ve learnt different drawing techniques and shading. What I’ve learnt is that it’s fine to mess up because I can always go back and rework it.”

Ms Eustace also encouraged the students to be experimental and do things they wouldn’t normally do!”

“The workshop really helped me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses.” said Gabriella Liu (10N) as she worked on a detailed drawing of a beetle.

The art workshop is part of the GCSE course which aims to provide students with the opportunity to create pieces they wouldn’t be able to do in their lesson time. Students will go on to create a silkscreen and lino prints.

Written by Noor Rizvi, Media Team

Photographs by Eileen Shin, Media Team