31 May 2017

A Choux Stopper at ESF Chef Competition

At the ESF Chef final, Friday 26 May, at West Island School contestants were challenged to produce a two course meal (main and dessert) that would be suitable to be served at ESF’s 50th Anniversary gala meal.

In the junior category Jordyn and Anya from Island School made Salmon en Croύte with Mango Salsa and a Medley of Mango for dessert. The competition was very close with only a few points separating  first and last place, and Jordyn and Anya were just shy of being in the top three. Well done to Discovery College who won the junior category.

Ethan represented Island School in the seniors’ category, deciding to make an Asian style Beef Wellington with Wasabi Mash followed by a Croque en Bouche (profiterole tower) for dessert. He received a special mention for his excellent choux pastry work and won Third place! Well done to South Island School who won the senior category this year and will be hosting next year.