26 Jan 2016

Speakers explain the importance of independent learning

At the Island School Continuous Professional Development Day on 26th Jan staff heard three key note speakers talk about the need for independence in learning. Dr Debra Kidd explained why students should care about their learning. She cited three factors affecting motivation;
• Autonomy – giving children the opportunity to pursue an interest independently. Trusting them to manage their learning. Building responsibility.
• Mastery – giving them specific advice and practice to get better.
• Purpose – feeling that what you do has value.

Prof. Sugata Mitra talked about his computer in the wall experiments, in which children teach themselves to use a computer and how if you give children a question to answer and leave them to research it from the chaos comes order and knowledge.

Hywel Roberts explained that there is no formula to being a good teacher but allowing students to guide their own learning creates; interest, engagement, investment and obsession.

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Over 80 parents heard Prof. Sugata Mitra speaking that evening as he explained the need for, self organized learning environments SOLE.