9 Oct 2018

Time To Team Build, Explorations Goes To Lamma

Kayaking races, paddle boarding and hiking, students from Years 9 -11 worked together in their *Exploration teams, on the 4 & 5 October 2018.

A trip to Lamma Island saw this year’s Exploration teams take part in water sports, a hiking checkpoint challenge, plus other activities, with points awarded to the best or fastest teams.

“It was very fun,” Year 10 student Eugene Law said, “It’s an interesting experience, working with people you don’t really know through the race and it’s magical to see how it’s just like working with your close friends. It really helped to establish a good relationship with your group mates for the Explorations project.”

*As part of the IGCSE Global Perspectives & Explorations course, students work in groups consisting of mixed year groups. Their Explorations project involves researching a local issue and what action could be taken to solve it. The groups then put their plans into motion to try and achieve the aims they set for themselves.

By Taylor Chen, Media Team