18 Sep 2018

Film Festival 2018

The first Island School Film Festival, the result of a student initiative by the Creative Arts Team leaders Nobel Chan 13D and Cedric Widodo 13E took place on September 13th. A total of 8 films were selected for screening at the 2018 festival. Themes that emerged from the submissions included gardens, followers, dreaming, and flying to a better future.

Blood Rose directed by Gobind Thind and edited by Jasmine Shaik was picked to open Festival 2018. Blood Rose a film about unrequited love was shot in the 20’s silent-movie genre. Gobind and Jasmine produce the film as part of Elements course Film 101 in 2017 and as such it featured a nostalgic view of the old Island School gardens. A particular highlight for many audience members was a film from last year’s Future Fest, War of the Worlds, which showed an alien stalking the halls of the Tai Wai campus and flying into outer space. This film was a collaboration between Ethan Yap, Samuel Kwok, Nathan Chan and stars Anson Leung.

Audience member Jude Binder, 13W, said that his favorite film was a romance film directed and filmed by Richard Li 13E and Raphael Hoeflich 13N, edited by Haruki Saegusa 13R with sound design by 13N Julian Onderwater. The film is about the mysterious disappearance of a girl’s first boyfriend, also played by Julian Onderwater.

Head of Film Ms Tessie Word said, “The behind the scenes work of collaboration that goes into each film is just as valuable to our students as the results onscreen, and there were some exceptional works at the festival this year. The students should be very proud of themselves. Next year I hope the festival will grow in popularity so more people will try their hand at making films and share their love of the medium.”