22 Jun 2018

Julian’s Scholarship Trip to Apple’s Conference

Julian Schiavo (9W) won a scholarship to attend the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held from the 3-8 June. The annual conference welcomes people who make apps for Apples devices. 

Julian with Apple CEO Tim Cook

To win the scholarship Julian created a game like the classic ‘Pong’ but with 4 paddles, custom colors, and motion control. He also wrote two essays; one about how he created the game and the other about how he shares his passion for technology and helps others.

On 2 June 2018, Julian went to San Jose for WWDC18. He explains what happened there, “Apple’s conference began on the 3 June, with a scholarship-only orientation with talks from Apple engineers, we got the opportunity to meet and talk with them! On the 4 June, Apple announced their upcoming new features and technologies. From the 5-8 June the conference continued with talks from Apple engineers and Labs, where attendees got to ask the engineers questions.”

“It was quite a full week but I learned lots of new things and got to meet with professional Apple engineers. My favorite part was the scholarship orientation, where we got to visit Apple Park and had interesting talks from Apple engineers about topics like Accessibility and Design.”