8 Jun 2018

Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial (NMKM) Giving Ceremony

Money raised by the Island School community, at the Winter Fair was donated to 60 students from local schools on 26 May 2018. Students from different local schools received $2,500 from the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial (NMKM) Fund created in memory of two former Island School students who lost their lives in 1985.

All the money raised from the stalls at the fair plus individual donations are channelled through the NMKM Fund.

Students from Hong Kong schools can then apply for the fix sum of $2,500 which they can choose to spend as they wish. Many students use the money for: books, extra tuition, summer courses while others use the money to pay for travel, school lunches or exam fees.

Eddie Lam from Summerbridge gave a keynote address that reminded the recipients that perseverance and self-belief are the keys to future success that will transform their lives.

At the giving ceremony Principal Stephen Loggie, “Principals from over 70 local schools nominated students who despite enduring incredible hardship, still found a way to perform at very high levels. The bursary winners were so proud that they were nominated by their schools and very grateful to the Island School community for their generosity”.

Mr Loggie, “One recipient told me that knowing there are people that care – reassures her and gives her hope for the future.”

The student council supported the event with 12 ambassadors from Years 10 and Years 12 who offered school tours, prepared food and welcomed the guests. Jerry Leung 12N gave an introduction to the Fund, and Head Student Bakhita Fung 12R was the MC, she said, “The ceremony, meeting and talking to students helped me to understand that these students must have overcome many challenges to get to where they are today.”