21 Mar 2018

Haese Mathematics – Honored To Meet Island School Student

In an article on their website, publishing company Haese Mathematics says what an honor it was to meet Year 13 Anna Choi at the Maths competition in Seoul.

Michael Haese has published an article about girls in education and the need to encourage more women mathematicians. He goes on to talk about meeting Island School student Anna Choi at the Asia Maths competition’s Gala Dinner.

Haese writes, “It was an honour for me to meet Anna Choi from Island School, Hong Kong, who introduced herself after the presentation I gave.  She expressed her interest in the history of mathematics, her desire to study it alongside the subject itself, and her hope to contribute to society through her work in the future.  I was incredibly impressed how she was so quietly spoken, yet self-confident, aware, energetic, well read, thoughtful, and articulate.  She is an exceptional young lady, possessing so many qualities of a strong educated young leader.  It was little surprise to me that at the Gala Dinner that evening, she kept returning to the stage for more and more awards, and finished top placed girl in the Seoul competition. Despite the imbalances in the world, how wonderful it is to meet someone who succeeds regardless, and does so with such humility.”

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