19 Jan 2018

Year 7 Students Tell Us About Their First Week at ISSTW

What is different about school in Sha Tin Wai?

Girl A, “We had a science lesson and everything in the lab is really clean and really organized but it is a bit smaller than our old labs.”
“The normal classrooms are much bigger and newer! It is easier to do group work in English.”

What is better about school in Sha Tin Wai?

Girl A, “The school is cleaner and newer and it is easier to find rooms. Having less students is nice.”

Boy C, “Now there is less people in our school we have to queue up for less time at lunch.”

Boy A, “It is nicely renovated, because it is a smaller environment if you go around the corner you can find someone you know.”

What would you like to change?

Girl C, “There are not that many places to eat and the benches can get crowded. I would like more places to hang out with my friends and places to eat. ”

Boy B, “There were more playgrounds at Borrett Road which was good and we had more space at break time.”

Girl D, “Last week we had to wait a longtime after school for our bus but it is better this week.”


Girl A, “The three of us live close together and our travel time to school is around one hour.”

Girl B, “My journey is 30mins shorter than before because I live close to the MTR”

Boy A, “I live in an awkward place, Stanley, so my travel time is longer.”

Boy B, “I live in Tung Chung so my journey is longer but when I am older I can get the public bus and I think it will be faster.”

Boy C & D, “I live near the airport, I live in Whampoa and we don’t have to go through central any more so it is much faster for us.”

Boy A, “The music room here is much better. It is all new – it is my favorite room.”

Planned improvements 

Students’ concerns are being addressed. More sports equipment including volley ball and basketball nets have been ordered and they will be installed.  More outdoor seating and shades will be moved into, so far, unused outdoor areas before Chinese New Year. We plan to move the sandwich bar to a different location to make queuing easier and reduce crowding. Paul Bentham Vice Principal

Eight, Year 7 students were interviewed, next week we will hear from Island School Tai Wai students.