20 Oct 2017

Message from the Principal, 20 Oct 2017

Dear Parents

Thank you for your patience in losing the day’s schooling on Monday. As you’ve probably noticed, we have changed our inspection routine to ensure that this is completed as soon as the T8 signal is lowered. On this occasion this did not happen until after dark and this made a visual inspection impossible. With the move to Sha Tin approaching rapidly let’s hope this is the last time that this happens.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the HKSSF Division 3 swimming carnival and watching our squad compete against other schools. I have to admit I love watching young people participate in sports and I take every opportunity to advocate participation with our students.

In addition to aiding physical development, competitive sport teaches important life lessons that are relevant to all fields of endeavour. This includes dedication to setting and pursuing goals, teamwork and how to deal with success / failure.

I was very impressed with the Island School swim squad. They participated fiercely and their sense of camaraderie made every performance special. The team finished fourth overall and we can be very proud of the squad and their teachers, Mr Pennel and Ms Leung.

Warm regards

Stephen Loggie

Island School Principal