6 Feb 2017

Perfect Risottos and Funky Vegetarian Dishes, Students Qualify for ESF Chef Competition

Making “perfect” risottos and “funky” vegetarian dishes, students qualify for the second round of the ESF Chef competition, 25 January 2017.

In the junior round pairs of students from each House had just 45 mins to create a – funky vegetarian dish. Head of Food Technology and Hospitality Chris Lord said: “This gave great scope for creativity and some superb dishes were produced, including tofu 4 ways, quesadillas, bean burgers, and pasta dishes.”

The winners for the first round were Yash and Alessandro (last year’s ESF Junior overall winners) who made a curried tofu filo parcel.

Also going through to the next round in 2nd place is Rachel & Nicole, in 3rd place Bridgette & Krisha, in joint 4th place Jordyn & Anya and Natalie & Tricia and in 5th place Alina & Leone.

The senior round students worked individually, with the simple brief of making the most perfect risotto.  Mr Lord: “Charlotte ran away with the win, as she not only made the best risotto, but it was also garnished with Parmesan crisps.”

“It was then close for the next 5 places in the next round, but well done to Dan 2nd, Kelly and Erika joint 3rd, Ethan 5th and Heather 6th.

The next round is on 15th March and students now have an hour to impress with a fruity dish.