19 Jan 2017

A Passion for Fashion with Carmela Spinelli

Year 12 Visual Arts students were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Carmela Spinelli, International Projects and Recruitment Specialist for SCAD, during her recent trip to Hong Kong.

Carmela is an international fashion and design professional with over 20 years of experience in both industry and education. She is a fashion historian and design consultant. During her career, she has worked with companies such as Celine, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Italian Trade Commission, Ducati, SAGA Furs, Van Clef and more.

She has also served as the Associate Chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Parson’s The New School of Design, under renowned chair Tim Gunn. (as in Project Runway).

Head of Visual Arts Helen Palmer said: “Carmela spoke with great passion, and supported  her discussions on the importance of developing concepts with references made to the work of Cartier, JP Gaultier, Chanel and LV.”

Students were challenged to, choose a topic and develop it into an exhibition, they planned what messages they wanted to project and how they could do that visually. Their chosen topics were the Theory of Knowledge, Self-Care and the Umbrella Movement.

Mrs Palmer: “We were lucky to have a visit from Carmela – she is very well connected in the fashion world. With her positivity and energy, she really inspired the students.”