23 Sep 2016

Parents hear about new approach to learning Maths

Parents were told learning Maths is about challenges not getting to the answer quickly at a Year 7&8 information evening 20 Sep 2016.

Leading Teacher for Year 7 & 8 Mathematics Pat Stafford explained to parents the department’s philosophy is based on a growth mind set – the ability to develop through dedication and hard work. He talked about the change in learning resources and how video, interactive websites and a range of activities are now accessed via the Isle (the school’s online learning platform). He said, “No one text book could do our curriculum justice which is why we have moved away from using them in Years 7 &8.”

Head of Department, Jennifer Wathall said: “Some curricula rely on rote learning but we want to deepen students’ knowledge beyond that. The main aim of our curriculum is to develop conceptual understanding, critical thinking and problem solving but most importantly an enjoyment of studying Maths.

After the presentation from department leaders parents then visited nine ‘stations’ in the school hall to experience this new way of learning Maths. The stations were supported by students who lead the parents through the types of tasks they do in the classroom.

Student helpers
Christina Lee, Angus Yiu, Larry Yam, Aidan Lung, Aditya Anand, Jaimie Lau, Serena Yoon, Siddhant Vaduvur, Gloria Leung, Martin Ma, Mikhail Lulla, Smayan Soni, Aditya Ananthanarayan, Nicole Tam, Gemma Tang, Ayahiko Usui, Shelly Peng.

At the end of the evening parents where ask to complete the following sentence,  here are some of their replies….I used to think … but now I think …  

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